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Pat Morita’s life examined in ‘More Than Miyagi’ documentary

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Evelyn Guerrero

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Fairy Tales (1978)

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Guerrero hot evelyn Evelyn Guerrero

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And the Earth Did Not Swallow Him

Charles Band strikes gloriously ridiculous schlock movie fool's gold with this giddy, bawdy, cheerfully lewd, crude and rude vaudeville revue-style soft-core sex musical comedy send-up of beloved Mother Goose nursery rhyme characters who are tossed smack dab into the middle of a gratuitous nudity-packed, sex-ridden, scuzzy pun-laden low-budget nice'n'naughty goofathon loaded with wink-wink, nudge-nudge hammy acting, pretty girls frequently shedding their scanty apparel, cheesy Cole Porter-type song-and-dance numbers, leering double entendres, grotesquely drawn black, homosexual and sexually deviant characters, semi-explicit simulated sex, dirty jokes about erections and voyeurism, and an ingratiatingly good-natured sense of aim-for-the-groin lowbrow high school locker room humor.

  • Christina Loren Christina Loren has become a familiar face to people who live in rural America.

  • Vera Jimenez There seems to be no end to the beauty that Mexico produces.

  • Angie Gonzalez This Venezuelan weather-lady has her work cut out for her.

List of people in Playboy 1980

Vera was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and moved to California when she was three.

  • Unaware of the properties from which the van is built, they return, having picked up a couple of female hitchhikers and dodging police who are unaware they are following them.

  • It's silly, brezzy and entertaining.

  • Come rain or shine, no weather news that comes out of her mouth can be bad.

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