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Jessie jax from Jessie Prescott

Activating Jacksonville's Riverfront

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Jax Novoa

Jessie jax from Jessie Prescott

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Dance, Dance, Resolution (TV Episode 2015)

Jessie jax from Dance, Dance,

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Local woman makes Positively Jax difference with pet pantry, animal rescue during pandemic

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History & Heritage Series: Jax's Multicultural History

She loves , , and like they are her own family.

  • He levitated a fish and hit Daniel in the face.

  • He also levitated a tire in.

  • He used his powers to make the magic car drive by itself in.

Jax by Jax

They kissed and reconcile, and Jax finally tells her about seeing his mother, whom he thought was dead.

  • As Emma continues to try and get Daniel to remember his real life, Emma is letting this affect her relationship with Jax as he grows more and more jealous.

  • She has a hard time believing her mom lied to her about being human, but eventually helped Emma, Jax, and Andi get rid of her.

  • They team up to find out if the spider seal is still on Daniel and go looking for the Crystal De Caballero in the principal's offices so they can free Emma and Maddie from its hold on them.

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