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This black ensemble is the epitome of sex appeal since it shows off major sideboob and has an extremely high cut that practically runs up to her naval.

  • In other photos, the celebrity is able to surpass the foolishness of the ensemble simply because their sex appeal shines through.

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  • Grainge and Sofia were first spotted together in January before making their relationship Instagram official in the spring.

Nicole Richie Loves Sofia Richie’s Boyfriend Elliot Grainge

The 22-year-old knows how to flaunt her toned figure in all kinds of , from subtle earthy-toned numbers to bright, bold looks.

  • A skimpy lace bra was showcased underneath an oversized, sheer black top.

  • The following year, Sofia made headlines when she was spotted with 's ex,.

  • There is probably something to be said about animal rights in the symbolism of the photo since the snakes look far more beautiful as living creatures rather than skinned for a jacket.