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Aggie Bailey

Angela was raised in Salina, Utah.

  • I truly care about my clients and am committed to understanding and connecting in positive ways as well as providing high-quality, evidence-based treatment.

  • She also served as an assistant coach and choreographer for the Columbus Lions Arena football dance team.

  • For the first hour, all participants will be on mute, except for the moderator and guest speaker.

Aggie Bailey

She works with clients collaboratively with attention to their stages of change, personal goals, and identity.

  • Tammy loves to garden, ski, run marathons, and has completed a number of open-water long distance swims.

  • She has a diverse clinical background working with children, adolescents, and adults in both voluntary and involuntary settings.

  • She conceptualizes clients from an integrative approach, specifically focusing on phases of the therapeutic change process, common mechanisms of change, and client readiness for change.