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Paula Barbieri

He published a book about the case, called Murder in Brentwood, and also re-invigorated interest in the Martha Moxley murder case after naming Michael Skakel as the killer in Murder in Greenwich.

  • The defense billed her as a drug addict and claimed she was the intended target of debt-seeking Colombian drug dealers.

  • As in 2021, Paula Barbieri's age is 54 years.

  • After appearing in Vogue and Victoria's Secret, Paula started filming some of the erotic thrillers that were in demand in the early 1990s.

Paula Barbieri

His funeral was attended by family, friends, and former clients, including O.

  • In it, she describes her conversion to born again Christianity, in addition to her time with Simpson.

  • The 67 year old is not eligible for parole until 2017.

  • In the trial Simpson had denied ever receiving the message.