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Arnold Schwarzenegger to Maria Shriver: ‘I Am Truly Sorry’ for Love Child

Singer-bassist Les Claypool of Primus is 49.

  • According to Google Trends—a website run by the search engine that collects data on how popular search terms are around the world—there was a surge in people in the U.

  • The couple announced their engagement in January after dating for seven months.

  • Kacey's rep is now speaking out about the performance.

40 Young Arnold Schwarzenegger Photos

Meanwhile Maria is attempting to sell off her own holiday home.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a movie star and the Governor of California, but neither would have been possible without going back to his roots: bodybuilding.

  • The source added: ''She's in a very hard place, she's getting pushed into a corner by Arnold, she doesn't want to be the bad cop.

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