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Doppelgänger (episode)

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Ncis kimberly oja A Year

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Ncis kimberly oja Kimberly Oja

Ncis kimberly oja Kimberly Oja:

Ncis kimberly oja Doppelgänger (TV

Doppelgänger (TV Episode 2005)

Abby has been examining lines of code, and then something beeps.

  • Gibbs wants to know why the telemarketers would have called him and then called him again.

  • Cheney tells Gibbs that he must be psychic but Gibbs admits that he watches the news.

  • As he leaves, Gibbs smiles a little too.

Who is Kimberly Oja in NCIS? Who did she play?

Mansur yells for help, but Gibbs clamping a hand over his mouth and Tony dispersing the bystanders with his badge is sufficient in that day and age to ensure privacy.

  • Wilson then recalls how he wanted to talk to Lambert about something and when he tapped the man, Lambert jumped out of his chair with McGee translating for him although Gibbs tells McGee that he gets it.

  • Tony then starts rambling over how Kate had a room-mate sixteen months ago but a punch from her stops him.

  • The supervisor, then arrives in and introduces herself to Gibbs who tells her she's late.