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Hill model g Temporal order

Applying the Bradford Hill criteria in the 21st century: how data integration has changed causal inference in molecular epidemiology

Hill model g C.G. Hill

Hill model g Model X

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Model X

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Things That Matter: G.W. Hill steamboat model

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Hill model g Applying the

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Hill model g Temporal order

Hill equation (biochemistry)

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However, researchers now understand that many disease outcomes are a result of the interplay and balance between multiple contributing and intermediary factors.

  • The examples above have demonstrated that data integration can enhance the application of the Bradford Hill Criteria in a causal analysis by: allowing for more scrutiny in study designs; providing new tools to demonstrate consistency, specificity, and plausibility of associations; integrating molecular evaluation to determine temporality and doseā€”response; clarifying conflicting epidemiologic findings to determine coherence; and promoting the proposal and testing of new mechanistic hypotheses.

  • Furthermore, individual susceptibility and synergistic or antagonistic effects of cumulative exposures can make some biological gradients even more difficult to characterize.

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Model X

For more information and examples of such models, see.

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  • A theory of the yielding and plastic flow of anisotropic metals.

  • Thus, epidemiologic study designs which ensure a temporal progression between the two measures are more persuasive in causal inference.

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