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The kids were supervised during the game, which lasted only 10 minutes 'After being posted to other third party pages I've copped a bit of flack saying that it was child abuse and harmful to the kids which I think is actually disrespectful to people who have actually been through something horrible.

  • We had an incident at work where someone was confronted at the work carpark and that triggered me, but I feel like your brain goes into survival mode and I block a lot of it out.

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  • So how are you today, Bree? As the 'babysitter' counts down to the end of the game, the two children standing were all smiles when they both win.

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As the two children focused on winning the game, Ms Tomasel enjoyed a cheeky beverage Standing quietly with their faces pointed at the wall, Ms Tomasel checks up on the children to see how they are going.

  • I tend to share nearly everything and when I meet listeners it quite amazing to me how much they know about my life and how well they know me.

  • And I love being able to do that, and create and have that creative control over things.

  • With a secure job and more sociable work hours than her breakfast host peers.