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Daddy's Little Monster

Hearing this, Finn gets angry, slapping the Lord of Evil's sandwich out of his hands, and goes back to rescue Marceline.

  • Finn and Jake are spotted by Marceline, who gives chase.

  • After narrowly avoiding their demonic friend, the duo run into the now-benign Hunson Abadeer, who explains that he only wanted Marceline to follow in his footsteps and rule the hellish realm.

  • The truly depressing thing about their relationship is that Harley never listens to Ivy.

Daddys Little Monster

It is suitable for little boys and girls as Halloween or Christmas gift! Now, evil has a very loose interpretation on occasion, but we're fairly sure that the last time we checked, Harley Quinn has been considered a villain, eliminating dozens of people and harming hundreds of others.

  • This Harley is a far cry from the Harley who would betray Poison Ivy and Catwoman to free the Joker from captivity.

  • The second shows a scene in which flies in abruptly to tell Marceline that he wishes for her to take over the family business and rule the Nightosphere.

  • In the origin for Harley Quinn that they set in Batman: The Animated Series, her thesis holds true at least for herself.