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TikTok Stars Are Being Turned Into Deepfake Porn Without Their Consent

What , has spread to the web, with many started superimposing celebrities' faces onto porn stars' bodies.

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  • In our investigation for this story, Rolling Stone found more than two dozen examples of prominent TikTok creators being featured in deepfake porn.

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Or you will also see girls with clothes but with some nice little tricks, all that stuff will disappear, helping girls show the most beautiful figures, sexiest parts of their bodies.

  • A screenshot of a prominent TikTok star, who has been a victim of deepfake, cropped and censored.

  • According to former Sensity researcher Henry Ajder, adult websites and other platforms have prohibited deepfakes.

  • One of the most popular websites for deepfakes, which Rolling Stone declined to name, had a Discord server with more than 100 members where users could request their favorite individual TikTok celebrities and influencers to be have their faces superimposed on porn stars' bodies through deepfake technology.

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