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Avatar: 10 Ways Azula Is Overpowered

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How do I beat azula and ti lee?

All told, Zhao is a good introductory villain.

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  • Azula needed to be written as more competent than she is, which is in a way, ironic and hilarious considering her downfall.

  • Mai, one of Azula's friends, noted that Azula scared the daylights out of the Dai Li when she lectured them, and she can easily pressure any official, officer, or other authority figure into doing things her way.

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Run away from Ti Lee.

  • Most Avatars wind up creating problems for the next one by having blindspots like this as they focus on a different problem.

  • My only regret is that there are a mere seven Avatar villains to rank.

  • The Yuyan Archers in particular make short work of Team Avatar without breaking a sweat, and then we never see them again.