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After he consulted with other senior administrative colleagues who advised him to turn it down due to the lack of artistic merit, the college campus scenes set at Berkeley were shot at in.

  • Belushi was considered a supporting actor and Universal wanted another star.

  • Thanks to Lisa Baur for her breasts and other fantastic shots in that vid.

  • In these films, the characters are so concerned with their status in the eyes of other men that the treatment of their female peers is totally irrelevant.

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The undiscovered comment form, whose bourn no poster returns.

  • It became available on Blu-ray optical disc on July 26, 2011.

  • A couple of hulking patrons intimidate the Deltas, who flee, abandoning their dates and damaging their car.

  • They asked him to, instead of scoring it as a comedy, compose as for a serious film.