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My own father tried to teach me how to play soccer, but gave up when he realized that my body type was meant for video games, not sports played on grassy fields.

  • The victim only agreed to go along to the house as she felt safe as there was another girl in the group, unaware of the trap.

  • Local media reported that the gang had wanted her to have a drink to make her feel more relaxed, but when she was completely intoxicated they had then taken it in turns to rape her.

  • One such moment involves a plant growing out of her reproductive organs in her hospital bed.

Schoolgirl, 15, ‘gang raped’ on board Royal Caribbean cruise ship highlights unlikely crime wave sweeping the high seas

A bigger issue is that many activists say they've seen an increase in human trafficking since the sex trade was legalized.

  • Germany, Greece, and others followed suit, though Switzerland has had fully legal prostitution since 1942.

  • This mood hangs over so much of their filmmaking, that when exploring noted moments within this history, it is impossible to ignore the heavy weights that exist here.

  • And teens saw that it was good! It's great to see a really old photo with a smile, let alone one showing teeth! In lessons, the girls were presented with propaganda videos and stories focused on painting Jewish people as inherently unsavoury characters.