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Her wardrobe includes red-frame glasses, cardigans or vests worn over plaid or striped shirts, denim skirts, tights and orthopedic shoes and sometimes jumpers or floral dresses on special occasions.

  • Amy is happy to meet her, but Meemaw doesn't like her since she had broken up with Sheldon and broken his heart.

  • I just watched the show and then found your blog.

  • She is surprised that Sheldon notices nothing.

Amy Smart

Later Amy tells Penny and Bernadette that she is not apologizing to Sheldon sounding like she wants him to treat her better in the future.

  • At the movies, Amy requires Sheldon to hold her hand though Sheldon thinks the idea is silly and unhygienic.

  • Amy Smart and her husband were busy building their careers and working on their passion projects from the very start of their relationship, but they also desired to grow their family.

  • Sheldon paraphrased romantic dialogue from the Spider-Man film first Spider-Man movie, and Amy accepted it.