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When she matriculated from high school, she enrolled at the University of Alberta.

  • As an influencer and social media personality, she shares image and video content with followers, does sponsored adverts, and models for some fashion brands.

  • She has also been banned from due to excess copyright removals.

  • Photo: anisajomha Source: Instagram So, who is Anisa Jomha? Her outfit brought her all sorts of attention and comments, both good and bad.

Anisa Jomha biography: iDubbbz girlfriend, net worth, age, height

This is the case for other YouTubers who say the drama was unnecessary.

  • Another aspect of his life under scrutiny is his love life.

  • How Much Is Anisa Johma Net Worth? Anisa Jomha's OnlyFans In March 2020, Ian's girlfriend Anisa Jomha opened an account on the site OnlyFans, a paid service to view uncensored images and 18+ content posted from its creators and have it monetized.

  • Her income source is Twitch, youtube, and Instagram.