Ari b lilah - B' Predator Counterterrorism Combat Knife and Primary Edged Weapon by Jay Fisher

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B' Predator Counterterrorism Combat Knife and Primary Edged Weapon by Jay Fisher

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Counterterrorism Combat Knife Ensemble by Jay Fisher

B lilah ari Counterterrorism Combat

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B' Commemorative Counterterrorism Combat Knife by Jay Fisher

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It's fast, cheap and easy to do a tiny grind on the knife and quickly get it out the door.

  • This is not quite the same as chrome plating of a bumper, as it's an industrial process made to increase the wear resistance of the surface of a metal.

  • It is a great honor for me to make these knives, respecting the very ancient and most crucial relationships between weapons maker and warrior.

  • The point is created by an interrupted hollow grind; the transition to strong point is well-matched and supported by the full thickness spine running down the center of the blade.

Dr. Lilah F Morris

I've even seen a high alloy cold work tool steel O1 that was differentially tempered, and this should not be done, as O1 is capable of very high wear resistance without this treatment which can introduce variations and unpredictability in the makeup of the steel, not to mention brittleness at the edge.

  • The sheath has a double belt loop with high and low mounting positions, and the belt loop is double-stitched with the toughest polyester thread that is water and sunlight resistant.

  • The parcel was opened by the authorities and resealed.

  • They work with the integrated spacing so can be mounted in a variety of positions on the reversible sheath.