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In September 2018, the subreddit was quarantined and in October, it was banned.

  • Members are structured according to a strict hierarchy with moderators called Ruthless Strategists being on top, community is prioritised over the individual and members are advised against speaking with journalists which has been described as -like.

  • Its taken 2 months and only this morning did they finally tell me my payout was being sent out tomorrow.

  • Digital Environments: Ethnographic Perspectives Across Global Online and Offline Spaces.

Gilmore Girls

Rise of the Far Right: Technologies of Recruitment and Mobilization.

  • In Devries, Melody; Bessant, Judith; Watts, Rob eds.

  • You can watch any kind of College Basketball Game at member area when they happen and also can record them in high quality with a handy free software.

  • It was this popularity that eventually led to the Reddit soccer streams being banned.