Alinity reddit drama - Alinity and The Mob argue over harassment claims on Twitter

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Alinity Clears Up Employee Drama Situation With Restaraunt : LivestreamFail

During a Twitter exchange earlier this week, popular streamer Ninja sarcastically asked Alinity if she had another cat to throw.

  • Later on, Amouranth claimed she forgot to wear underwear.

  • The authorities got involved and animal services came to her house, although animal services found no issues with the living condition or the care provided for the pets.

  • He revealed that some streamers on Twitch get paid to do charity streams.


Here's how the drama all played out.

  • The revelation had Mizkif in shock.

  • Is that the only way people are ever going to leave me alone? Clearly, the Korean singer struggled to place an order, and the Shake Shack employee struggled to understand the order.

  • The event resulted in a lot of criticism coming from fellow Twitch streamers and others on the internet.