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In this adventure road movie, lowlife Vitka discovers that he has a criminal father who is now disabled.

  • Seven hours they had talked and they could have gone on until dawn.

  • Long chats over the phone inevitably lead to deeper feelings.

  • My younger brother and I used to be put in the tub together when we were very young, and we definitely took a gander at what was below the water level when the bubbles cleared.

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Stalker - Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979 The central character, known as the Stalker, earns his living by leading people into the Zone, an area formed after the fall of a meteorite where the normal rules of reality do not apply.

  • Then this delightful Russian comedy for you.

  • The Cranes Are Flying - Mikhail Kalatozov director , Sergey Urusevsky cinematographer , 1957 Two lovebirds stroll around Moscow until late at night, and in the morning discover that the Soviet Union is at war.

  • As the situation deteriorates, the story turns into a tale of suspense as the characters have to work together to deal with harsh weather conditions and broken communication.