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Queen of Pinups: 50+ Fascinating Photos Of Bettie Page

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Never a big favorite of the fundamentalist right, Bettie is also a troubling icon to the feminist left.

  • An amateur photographer admired her curvy body and asked her to pose.

  • Can I ask my immediate family not to buy me holiday gifts from Amazon? Kefauver, who was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, announced that he would be leading an investigation of juvenile delinquency and the effect of movies, television, comic books and, especially, on impressionable young minds.

  • In Sermak, she found a young woman completely devoted to her well-being.

These Stunning Photos Prove Why Bettie Page Was the “Queen of Pinups” ~ Vintage Everyday

Her allure resulted from a uniquely incendiary mixture of coyness, frankness and implacable girl-next-door perkiness.

  • The aim of this book was to evoke the spirit of Guyette—to collect surviving fragments of a decimated catalog largely by referencing vintage fetish publications from the 1930s through the 1980s and reconstruct a lost history.

  • In the tumultuous aftermath, I became involved with a man who was a starving artist and going though an extremely difficult period of his own life.

  • He is trussed up with ropes, tied around his ankles, the same ropes reaching from his ankles to his arms, and looped around his neck, so that his body is pulled back in a very grotesque-looking position.