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From 2011-2012, the actress played the role of Esther Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries.

  • It's a really great thing that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans bathes on the reg—but must she really let the Instagram world know of her hygiene habits by posting daily from the tub? Does it really make a difference? We all still understood what he said.

  • But, as my training continued into my late teens and early twenties, things changed.

  • Swimming 12 miles a day and having the metabolism of a teenager allowed me to eat anything and everything…and in large quantities! National media outlets have been anything but shy about offering their 2 cents on the racy cover, which features Beard with her arm strategically placed across her chest, and the eight-photo spread that appears inside.

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According to some of the comments.

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  • I was training for my first Olympic Games when I was still in high school.

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