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Goddess lily divine Favourite Flowers


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Official Nominees for 2021 YNOT Cam Awards

Getting tired of the daily bickering, he keeps only Lakshmi, giving Ganga to Shiva and Saraswati to Brahma! Do you sense that you have a hidden feminine energy that longs to be seen, accepted, valued — and used for a healing purpose? It is like shaking things up to remove the pieces that no longer serve a higher purpose and integrating new things that do.

  • Citrus tones of bergamot and grapefruit merged with the lively notes of blackcurrant announce the first spring sunshine of which the flower blooms in.

  • Daughter of Zeus and born from his forehead fully grown, wearing battle armour.

  • It is the active principle of the play, the total universe in action, where everything is dynamically connected with everything else.

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