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Fresno only fans only fans

Fresno only fans Fresno State


Fresno only fans RWP: Hawaii

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Fresno only fans Week 10

Fresno only fans RWP: Hawaii

Fresno only fans Fresno State

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Fresno only fans Fresno State


The Warriors have already played two games without fans, and will play a third on Saturday.

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  • The defense scored a touchdown, forced turnovers, and had a goal line stand! In fairness, a few of those interceptions have been the result of catchable balls being tipped to defenders by the Hawaii wide receivers.

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All three can terrorize the defense over the top of the secondary, or on a handoff.

  • The Spartans need Boise State to beat Fresno State and Hawaii to defeat San Diego State this weekend.

  • This game honestly means more to them than a conference championship.

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