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Born Shirley Mae Jones on March 31, 1934 in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, she was the only youngster birthed to Marjorie Louise Williams and Paul Livinson Jones.

  • They have had three children, Sean, Patrick and Ryan.

  • Yes, Shirley Temple was unfortunately sexualized from a very young age.

  • Of the many photos scattered around her house, all but one — a group shot showing the triumphant Jones and Lancaster on Oscar night — are of children and grandchildren.

Actress Shirley Jones

Jones intrigued Rogers and Hammerstein with her musically prepared voice, and she was given the female lead role in the film adjustment of their hit melodic Oklahoma! When asked what her secret to appearing youthful, Shirley is quoted as saying: 'Masturbation! Anything you may find on her would be as a child that did not have a choice.

  • After short dating, Jones married comedian Marty Ingels.

  • Other musicals followed immediately, including Carousel, April Love and the Musical Man, in which she regularly participated.

  • Shirley Jones is most certainly an exceptionally admired female and has a vast number of fans and followers who throng her social media handles as well as search for her almost every day for a new photograph of her.